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Job description

  • Prepare cost estimates and present customers with precise quotes with the help of price laits and software.
  • Determine the exact cost of the whole structure to be built or its envelope.
  • Assess project feasibility.
  • Modify or update cost estimates previously established.
  • Perform or ask for required analysis for specific types of beams or roof trusses.
  • Perform structural components calculation (beams, lintels, beams, half-timbering, etc.
  • Make sure the quote respects the customer’s needs and Structures RBR standards.
  • Work with project managers if changes are to be made or if any question arises.
  • Answer all questions technicians may have about cost estimates, loads,etc.
  • Email cost estimates to customers.
  • In the cases of major quotes, talk with the manager and ask for approval.

You are a perfect fit for the job

  • Plan reading.
  • Wooden structures skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Know wood grades and sizes.

We want you to be happy

  • Flexible work schedule on a 4 and a half week period.
  • Adjustable desk.
  • Workforce skills recognition.
  • Health and welfare program.
  • Cell phone provided by employer.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Service recognition program.
  • Social activities.
  • Group insurance benefit plan (50% paid by employer/employee Assistance Program, telemedicine included).
  • Employer-sponsored pension plan.
  • Learning and training opportunities to advance professional growth and work toward full potential.
  • Paid traveling expenses.
  • Referring program.

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