• Floor trusses

The quality of Structures RBR trusses is second to none; exceed both industry standards and those set by the National Building Code of Canada (NBC).

We custom design our trusses directly from your plans and specifications.

Our technicians and advisors have been specially trained to assist you in every step of your project to simplify your work on the job site. We include a complete assembly plan with every project as well as all the necessary information (cross-sections and details as appropriate).

Two types of trusses are available according to your needs:

Open web trusses

  • Min. height 9½" and max. height 32"
  • Max. length 37-10"
  • Advantageously replace traditional solid trusses.
  • Large nailing surface speeds up ceiling or flooring installation.
  • Open web design makes it easy to pass wires and ducts for electric and heating networks.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install.
  • Significant savings in time and money.
  • Standard dimensions: 2"x3" and 2"x4".
  • An excellent alternative to more costly light steel structures.
Prefab modules
  • We can assemble our trusses in modules up to 12' wide using plywood or other materials, including all the bracings and continuous connections.
Standard details